The beginning,

Inclusive came about while in COVID lockdown when working out became the only sane thing to do. Struggling to find clothes that I didn't stretch to full capacity or it becoming see-through. Being fed up was an understatement.

I felt I needed to put what I had on paper  into action, and it needed to have someone that was actually plus size designing it, there came the birth of INCLUSIVE LABEL. 

I have taken everything that I struggled with, problems I came across, the wear and tear, not to forget the amazing bunch of QUEENS that helped with my research and feedback to make this the best collection it could be for you to enjoy! 

No doubt it would have been way easier to bring in anything up to 2XL, I could have had this shop going months ago. However, that's not quite what I call PLUS SIZE nor is it my original vision. I do not accept that PLUS SIZE falls in the too hard basket. This plus size activewear is not just for the gym, this is the sideline supporter wear, meet for a coffee and catch up wear, how about a walk around the block wear or maybe to put on and hang the washing, chill on the couch wear however you wear your INCLUSIVE WEAR I bet you look good, feel good and SMASH SOME GOALS!!  

I truly hope you love this as much as I do! 

Crystal xox